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Over the last decade I boarded companies to help them thrive through uncertain economies. Be it a new idea needing revenue, startups looking to scale their models or established corporations eyeing on more agile and agressive models.

They untrusted me to hire their engineers, architect their stack and collaborate with their teams to build solid products. Across advertising, commodity markets or even e-commerce, I developed clear communication, strategic thinking and tech expertise across the 3 topics below.

This experience can help you build a thriving business.

Architect Data Intensive Projects

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.

Maybe, but more often than not, we are still better at digging undersea than mining useful business insights. Unwrapping the data buzz yields many challenges: is your data secured, on time, accessible, useful? Companies struggle to escape the cost center and become data-driven. They crave for this alchemy of knowledge, tech, communication and leadership guidance.

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Onboard on Quantitative Investment

Some think you can't game the market, nor predict anything. But keep in mind winners don't publish their strategies. And while there's certainely no silver bullet, there are approaches to maximise your odds over medium and long term investments.

I promote sound investing in companies poised to generate value, and I believe programming and statistics can help uncover them, balance their weight in your portfolio, and react fast to market irrationality.

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Leverage Chaos Engineering

It's a fact that what may fail, will fail. And for some softwares, crash cost a lot. It pushed engineers to build increasingly distributed and resilient systems. Then Netflix had the idea to test infrastructure robustness by injecting failures and monitoring SLO and recovery. Chaos engineering was born.

Train your team, build the tools and monitoring, and develop stronger systems.

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Be it to get down to business, have a coffee or just a conversation, I'm happy to hear from you. If both of us see value in working together, we will move forward. If not, that's okay. Either way we get to explore opportunities and learn from feedback.

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